Bike Carrying Revelations

Glenn Marshall — 15 March 2022
We've now got a simple modular solution that allows us to take up to four bikes wherever we want to go — including well off the beaten track

For generations, bikes have been strapped to roof racks, tied to the A-frame of a camper trailer or caravan and hung off the back of an RV — but how often did the bikes survive the adventure unscathed? Now there is a simple modular solution that allows you to take up to four bikes wherever you want to go, including far off the beaten track.

I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to see firsthand how an iSi Extreme Duty 4x4x4 four-bicycle carrier system mounted on a Wonderland RV, with four bikes included, on some of the roughest roads through outback NSW. I was suitably impressed with how this solidly built bike carrier performed.

As a proudly Australian business, iSi are passionate about providing a product that empowers you to take your bicycles where you want. They are also ardent about adventure cycling and have themselves tested these carriers over many of the roughest and toughest Aussie tracks. This fully engineered, adjustable bolt-on drawbar mounting solution is tailored to what you need. Even the pre-purchase process is easy, with a sales member from iSi taking the time to consult with you so that you take delivery of the ideal carrier system to suit your needs.  

The adjustable bolt-on drawbar mounting solution provides maximum strength and convenience on your camper or caravan. There is even a solution for Jayco Expanders or caravans with large toolboxes attached to the A-frame as the unique pivot system allows the carrier to lower, providing access to the toolbox or fold-out beds, even with the bikes still attached.

iSi carriers are designed and manufactured in Melbourne using 100 per cent Aussie steel and materials and are backed by a lifetime warranty, giving purchasers great peace of mind. The unique design keeps the centre mass of the carrier further back towards the axle and so provides better weight distribution and articulation on your camper or caravan.

The website also provides all the right information on the best solution for your needs, comprehensive installation instructions and a detailed and simple to understand user guide. It also provides the pricing for each component that is needed, but I suggest talking to iSi or selected RV dealers to not only work out the ideal combination of bike carrier components you need but also cost it accurately. The iSi Extreme Duty 4x4x4 four-bicycle carrier installed on the Wonderland had a recommended retail price of $2400.

Not only do iSi have carriers to fit the drawbar of your camper or caravan, but they also have a solution to suit the tow bar of your vehicle or the rear of your RV. This is the benefit of having a modular solution, whatever you have, iSi can provide you with the right options.


To wrap it all up, I rate the iSi Extreme Duty 4x4x4 four-bicycle carrier top class and would’ve loved to have a setup like this on the camper when my kids were younger. It was easy to remove and install the bikes too. The carrier fitted snuggly in place on the Wonderland and besides being a little dusty, the bikes stayed exactly where they were put and didn’t sustain any visible stone damage. If you’re an adventure cyclist who also loves Overlanding, I recommend you check out the iSi Advanced Bicycle Carrier Systems.


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