Camper Trailer of the Year 2021: Offtrax Feenix

Various — 22 April 2021
As the winner of the Best Compact Camper category, the Offtrax Feenix is a camper for adventurers who mean business


Score: 82

The Offtrax camper is undeniably a vehicle designed to tackle the toughest of offroad conditions with its high ground clearance, light weight, and tough construction principles. It lives up to its appearance. The hot dip galvanised chassis and its Cruisemaster XT suspension with its Dexter 12in brakes and 2.5 tonne rated axles and high load rated wheels makes the perfect platform for enduring long days over rough ground. The location of the twin 110Ah lithium batteries in tubs below the floor, along with the low-slung water tanks, helps ensure a low centre of gravity.

The short wheelbase gives an excellent departure angle to go with the ramp-over angle, and even with the extended drawbar, which makes the camper adaptable to a wide range of tow vehicles. The short 4m overall length makes the camper very manoeuvrable in tight wooded country or on narrow tracks.

Of course, having a tough capacity in tough country doesn’t mean you have to go without a few comforts. These comforts include a Joolca instant gas hot water system to feed the kitchen and the shower drawing from either the tanks or an outside source, a 60L dual zone National Luna fridge, a Bromic cooktop with grill, and a Weber Baby Q.

The build ensures a solar storage box at front, tie-downs along the shelf above the kitchen and food-grade Rimex stainless steel table to seat up to four, Rimex kitchen bench top that folds down from the camper side, along with 2500m3 of storage, including two huge (1200 x 840 x 170mm) rear drawers at the rear with a limited range of partitions. The mattress in the rooftop tent is double in size in 75mm foam, even though access is via a conventional ladder.

The full set-up for the judges took a not unreasonable eight minutes, and the awning stays permanently attached in a bag on top of the rooftop tent. There are two options for the set-up with an overnight awning establishment and a separate long-stay awning which attaches with zips and velcro and nine awning poles, as well as two poles in the rooftopper, one under the kitchen, and one in the ensuite. All the gas bottles remain in their carrying stations.


Score: 74.5

At first sight, the Offtrax Feenix has all the hallmarks of a serious adventure camper. Closer examination confirms that this compact contender, Australian designed and manufactured from the ground up, is built to be as ruggedly determined as its buyers.

First impressions are important, and the Feenix sings with its 3mm 5005 powder-coated aluminium mono-body. This box structure is secured to the chassis with a combination of stainless-steel bolts, automotive adhesive, and polyurethane padding to enhance rigidity and flexibility. The chassis itself comprises hot dipped Australian steel with an impressive 100 x 100 x 6mm central beam running from hitchpoint to suspension, and 100 x 50 x 4mm main rails. These rock-solid foundations are supported by coil springs and Cruisemaster XT dual independent suspension. Less obvious, Offtrax told us they’ve upgraded the Dexter drums to 12in — meaning that the Feenix boasts a stub and bearing capacity of 2.5 tonnes instead of the standard 1.8. This is well beyond the minimum needed to support this camper’s tiny 930kg tare and guarantees less friction, less wear, and fewer problems when you’re hundreds of kilometres from the nearest habitation. 

And while you’re out there enjoying off-grid time, the Feenix delivers a well-appointed nest. Features include the two 110Ah lithium batteries, two 4kg gas, 130L of water, a 60L National Luna Fridge, Joolca hot water system, and a 200W solar mat with its own stow pocket. The Redarc Redvision TVMS keeps an eye on the batteries, electrics, and water level so you aren’t caught short. 

Around the camper there’s over 2500L of storage in nine compartments, many configured with heavy duty drawer slides that are removable if you prefer. The adjustable drawer slide inserts at the rear help keep your kit in order so you know that what you have is what you need and where to find it. And when you’re searching for packing space for a blow moulded table or similar, there’s room on the bed in the Camp King roof top tent without straining the latches. The tent lid itself can take a 50kg load and there are tie-down points to keep things safely locked and loaded. With a 670kg payload, there’s no excuse for leaving yourself under-packed and under-prepared.

This is a featherweight camper with seriously heavyweight credentials. Wherever you roam, the Offtrax Feenix is ready to rise to the challenge.


Score: 88.5

Coming in at $56,000, the Offtrax Feenix is an Australian designed and manufactured camper, with a five-year structural warranty and two-year warranty on manufacturers gear, is great value. Adding to that, everything that was on the camper is included in the price. This includes the Camp King rooftop tent, the Weber Baby Q BBQ, the Redarc Manager 30 and RedVision TVMS, dual 110Ah lithium batteries, 200W solar panel, the Bromic twin burner stove with grill, the Joolca hot water unit and the Eeziawn ensuite tent. In addition, the attention to detail was impeccable, with triple seals on all stainless-steel hinges, rubber washers between every nut and bolt, and the hex bolts all perfectly aligned. The only things I would add would be an inverter to charge my camera gear and a diesel heater to keep my wife warm.

The Feenix judged as well as it looked, and this camper looks great. Steve has been in the camper industry for a few years now and this shows in the design of this compact offroad camper. His solution to increase the ground clearance and strength of the camper was to integrate the water tank and battery compartments into the underbody of the camper. The stainless-steel hinges and latches complete the industrial look of the Feenix. What caps this camper off, is that the simplicity of the setup and functionality of the design is all rolled into a light, tough camper that deserved to win the Compact Camper category in this year’s Camper Trailer of the Year. 


Score: 81

Relative new-comer Offtrax was seen as a bit of a darkhorse at CTOTY 2021 so it was fitting that the Feenix we tested was stealth black — but forget the subtlety, it shone for all the right reasons taking the gong as Best Compact Camper. 

The first thing that stood out to me is personal — I fit under the Feenix’s awning, which is honestly pretty rare for me and Expedition type campers which normally have awnings slung well under my 2m frame. But enough about awesomely tall people, let’s focus on why you’d put your hard-earned on the table for one. 

The Feenix cuts a familiar shape. I certainly would not suggest the overall design is innovative but some of the details are. Every major compartments’ double compression seals are sandwiched by Offtrax’s own stainless steel latches which have a distinctly marine feel to me. The way they closed was really satisfying and have me more than confident key compartments in the Feenix are as dustproof as you can get and bloody hell, they look good. The integrated roof-top bag to house the awning is clever and as the two are stitched together, bad weather should have a tough time spoiling time at the kitchen or fridge. 

With the kind of attention to detail, the marker paint on all bolts and the bespoke latches and hinges demonstrate, at $56k including fridge and Weber, its impressive value for money and ready to take on the hardest of our outback tracks. I think, as a trailer to take to The Cape or deep into the Vic backcountry on a hunting mission, it should be more than capable and cost-effective when you take on board there is no need for a massive (and expensive) 4X4 to tow one.

Compact campers suit a serious, seasoned owner, often someone that has already tried a bulky, heavy, fold-our or someone that has already done the equivalent of a lap with a rooftop tent and an overloaded boot full of gear and for these people the Feenix will be a serious consideration due to its carnivorous storage capacity, lightweight and tough build which is exactly what we saw crowning it the Best Compact Camper for 2021.



TARE 930kg

ATM 1600kg

Ball Weight 120kg 

Chassis 100 x 100 x 4mm Central Hot-Dipped Galvanised Beam 

Drawbar with 100 x 50 x 4mm hot-dipped galvanized chassis

Body 3mm Aluminium composite with fibreglass moulded front/rear/roof/side skirts and guards 

Style Compact Camper 

Tyres MT 265/70 R17 on PDW Black Alloy rims

Brakes Cruisemaster 12in electric heavy duty brakes 

Suspension Cruisemaster XT Independent with coils and twin G35 shocks

Coupling DO35 VC hitch (3.5T rated)


Width 1870mm 

Length 4500m 

Height 2000m 


Battery 2 x 110Ah with REDARC Redvision system 

Fridge 60L National Luna 

Solar 200W folding mat 

Hot Water Joolca Instant gas hot water

Ensuite Eezi Awn ensuite tent 

Stove Bromic 2-burner with grill

Awning size 6000 x 240mm 




Offtrax Feenix




Camper Trailer of the Year 2021 Offtrax Feenix Winner Best Compact Camper